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Premium Hair Cut
& Beard Trim

This cut includes extra time for your unique style that fits your personality. Your beard is revived with an oil massage, shaped with crisp razor lines that will make you say, "Man I look good!"

Kid's Hair Cut

It’s never too early to make an impression. A stylish cut for your young man will do just that. A cut shampoo and conditioning (if requested) will have him stand out in a crowd.

Quick Trim

To keep you looking fresh and clean between visits, come in for a quick trim and line up.

The best of our services


Hair Cut

Our stylish haircuts is ideal for your regular maintenance cut. It includes a shampoo, conditioning scalp massage, if requested. Hot towel for face and neck. 


Straight Razor Head Shave

The experience incorporates warm foam, straight razor shave. Hot towel and essential oil-infused massage to make you look as smooth as you feel.


Premium Beard Grooming

Show your beard some love. Pamper your beard with a steamed clean beard wash. Along with a oiled infused towel and styling. With a straight razor line up.



The Intern

  • Nails trimming, filing and shaping
  • Cuticles oiled and groomed
  • Moisturized with hot towel
  • Nail buffed & shined

Junior Executive

  • Classic treatment of nails trimming, filing and shaping
  • Cuticles oiled and groomed
  • Moisturized with hot towel
  • Nail buffed & shined
  • A warm oil soak, rather than water
  • This manicure is designed for the client with very dry skin massage

Office Manager

  • Nails trimming, filing, and shaping
  • Warm oil soak
  • Signature B/E scrub
  • Moisturized with hot towel
  • Paraffin treatment
  • Nails buffed & shine (Clear polish if desired)
  • 5- minute hand massage



The Investor - $50

  • Nails Trimming & Shaped
  • Warm water soaking cuticle grooming with oil
  • A hot towel wrap and moisturizing leg and foot massage
  • Buffed & Shined
  • 3- minute leg massage

The Executive - $65

A Foot repair Pedicure
  • An organic signature scrub
  • Callus treatment
  • Exfoliation of dead skin
  • Hot towel
  • 5-minute leg and foot massage
  • Finish up with an essential hot oil treatment

The CEO - $85

Jelly Pedi
  • Nails trimmed and Shaped
  • Warm water, Jelly- exfoliation scrub
  • Hot towel wrap/ Paraffin treatment wrap
  • Buffed and shined (clear polish added if desired)
  • 5- minute leg and foot massage
  • Paraffin Treatment

Manicure & Pedicure Combo $110

Shoe Shine Service

The BoardRoom offers a oldie but goody. Drop off your favorite pair of shoes for the perfect shine! With a two day turn around time. You’ll be able to complete your style and look from head to toe!

Have a Look at Our


The VIP membership packages are an amazing deal as well as convenient. A monthly fee is drafted from your account of the package of your choice, it makes it easier to just make your appointment and come in for that VIP treatment. With a VIP membership you can rest assure that you’ll secure prices of your favorite services in addition you can gift services that have rolled over from the past month to your father, brother, or friend giving them a unique gift that you know they’ll enjoy. Also as a VIP member, we understand things happen. So you’re able to freeze your membership for 2-3 months per customer request. Assuring services that have been paid for or unused are safe to  use at a later date, along with their membership price lock. Welcome to “The BoardRoom” where obtaining a membership can have its privileges! 


Package #1

1 Haircut / Waxed or Shaved head 
1 Manicure
1 Pedicure 
1 Adult Beverage
$175 A MONTH

Package #2

2 Haircuts 
2 manicures 
1 massage (60 min.)
1 Adult Beverage 
$185 A MONTH

Package #3

2 haircuts
2 Pedicures
1 Massage (60 min.)
2 Adult Beverages 
$230 A MONTH

Package #4

2 Haircuts
2 Manicures 
2 Pedicures
2 60(min.) Massage 
2 Adult Beverages
$300 A MONTH

Price of membership will be debited out of
customer’s account every month

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